We loved Rocky Balboa and cast, now we have love for the cast of Creed.

Everyone from Rocky Balboa to the bad guys like Drago and the best friends of Rocky. Paulie played by Burt Young and Apollo Creed who is played by Carl Weathers. The 40 years we spent with the Rocky movies really felt like yesterday, or at least it brings you back to a time you remember that wasn't so crazy, it was much more simple. We continue to love Slyvester Stallone and his cast as he continues to delight us with which is now the Creed movies, Oh... I hear he's doing another Rocky movie? Let wait and see, no spoilers in this Blog! For the Rocky fan in you who wish to own a piece of Rocky Movie memorabilia, Check out this link to our Rocky collectibles, https://www.iconsofboxing.com/collections/rocky-memorabilia

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